Jul 04 2018 14:00 - Jul 15 2018 16:00

Pamplona, Pamplona

Join us and run with the bulls in Pamplona! Be alive but most importantly stay alive during this event. In addition to the fantastic terror that is the Pamplona bull run, this trip in San Fermin is so much more. This event is one of the world's greatest and biggest street parties. This event goes on all day and night where you can drink, dance and smooch in the streets. This cultural event goes on every day so you can enjoy and do something nice and during the night you can threat yourself with a massive night going out. Not to mention, our own campsite festival, Stoked in the Park (8-9 July). Truly wonderful.

Unlimited beer and sangria (€10/day), campsite bus for the drive into the centre, traditional red and white clothes (€30), transfer to/from our beach camp at Zarautz/San Sebastian/Aia (€15 one way), Bilbao BBK Live Music festival tickets, extra night at Zarautz or Bulls camp (€60/night), Bulls balcony viewing (€120)






2 Night Opening Cermony July 6-8

No disponible

2 Night Stoked in the Park July 7 - 9

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2 Night Final Weekend July 13 - 15

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