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La Tomatina & Ibiza Party Bender

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La Tomatina & Ibiza Party Bender

De EUR 580,00



Ago 28 2017 08:00 - Sep 04 2017 22:00
Billetto Peace of Mind
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Who wants to be an ingredient in the world’s largest spaghetti bolognese? Or perhaps you want to spread yourself around like on a bruschetta? In any case, book now to La Tomatina Festival 2017 because it’s going to get pulpy, saucy and it’s going to be an awesome day of tomato throwing! This is one of the ‘must do’ European festivals and definitely one of Stoke Travel’s faves. We dig it so much because when we ain’t hurling tomatoes at each other we’re chilling by the pool, sunning on the beach, dancing up a storm in Valencia city, or losing our minds in fun related incidents in Ibiza…

The Tomato Festival itself is one morning of madness; tens of thousands of people in a town of many less. Before the tomato fight even starts the locals have fun soaking all the festival goers with hoses, water bombs, water pistols and other water holding vessels. The streets are packed and they get even more so with the arrival of trucks carrying tomatoes- many, many tonnes of tomatoes.

Once we avoid getting squashed by the trucks the fight begins, and for the next little while we throw salad fruits to our hearts content at strangers, friends, locals and tourists alike. Once it’s all said and done, we get rinsed off by the locals (some even give us shampoo!) and head back to camp to smarten ourselves up ready to continue partying into the evening. at our official afterparty in Valencia!

We’re the only ones who will also arm you before battle, with Bloody Marys and piles of cooked spaghetti in your hand so you can put all that tomato slush to good use. And, of course, we provide you with a delicious bottle of sangria that will pair nicely with the carnage.

After that Ibiza Beach camp is the place to be! It’s because it’s so beautiful and yet it´s the premier party destination, without exaggeration. The place is stunning, with mountains, azure seas and perfect weather. Ibiza Beach Camp 2017 is breathtaking!

We stay in a camp where the grass is greener, the tents poles are straighter, the hammocks are well hung. Located almost on top of Cala Martina beach, with its fine sand and crystal clear water, our Beach Camp has a great atmosphere and a wicked crowd. We have created the perfect Ibiza Campsite setup with access to the amazing natural beauty of Ibiza with the Hippie lifestyle and the rave filled evenings.

Ibiza is renowned for its discos and nightclubs and sunset bars, its dancing and drinking and sex, its beauty and glamour and white boats with people wearing white and huge sunglasses. And that’s just fine, because it’s in beautiful environments like this that these hedonistic pursuits can really flourish. So we go there not only to party, but to party while appreciating the island’s natural charms. Plus the natural charms of its inhabitants. Because of course, if you take the world’s number one party destination and plonk it on top of one of the world’s most naturally delightful islands, of course the beautiful people are going to be there.


  • 3 nights at our Tomatina camp just outside of Valencia (pre-erected, twin share tent w/ mattress and sleeping bag)
  • Tomatina ticket
  • Bloody Mary-‘s on day of tomato fight
  • Transport to and from the festival in Buñol
  • Transport and overnight ferry from Valencia to Ibiza
  • Ticket to Legendary La Tomatina After-Pool Party
  • 3 nights camping accommodation at our Ibiza beach camp (pre-erected, twin share tent w/ mattress and sleeping bag)
  • 6 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners from our master chefs
  • Open bar access to beer and sangria 11am-11pm (10€/day)
  • Awesome guides
  • Daily use of snorkeling gear & morning yoga sesh
  • Coastal hikes and cliff jumping
  • Guided party trips & discounted club entry
  • Visits to various hippie markets


  • Unlimited beer and sangria for only €10 a day
  • Water and Wine fight on the night of Aug 29th – for only €20 including return coaches and boxes of wine to get you into the spirit of things. Coaches leave at 10pm from the campsite.


Stoke Travel is Europe's biggest festival operator who offer the most affordable experience worth top value at festivals including Oktoberfest, Running of the Bulls, La Tomatina and so much more! Buy tickets below!


Camping Pucol, Camí Riu Turia 3, 46530 Valencia


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