Billetto Advertising solution

Maximise event visibility effortlessly with Billetto Advertising. Our native advertising solution has the potential to uplift your event sales on average by 20.3% and has already sold over 600K tickets across all events that use it.

3.8M users
That's how many different event organisers and ticket buyers have used the Billetto platform over the years.
2M+ tickets sold
On average Billetto helps organisers sell more than 2 million event tickets every year.
1.1M page visitors
Every month over 1M visitors circles through Billetto event pages.

It's a great platform to advertise at. As an organiser we get a lot of exposure through the Billetto app because they are advertising on our behalf to their customers.

FC Roskilde


Billetto Advertising maximises the exposure of your event on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, newsletters, recommendations, our media channel, and beyond, expanding your reach and driving ticket sales.

Automatic setup

Sit back and let the magic happen once you enable Billetto Advertising. Our system takes care of everything by automatically promoting your event across all our advertising channels. This powerful solution not only introduces your event to fresh audiences but also attracts look-alikes and engages your Billetto account followers.


Billetto will only charge you 33% when the sale is made through our advertising channels. No extra costs for views, clicks, or impressions.

Why use Billetto Advertising?

Native solution

Simplify your advertising efforts with our all-in-one solution. No external integrations are required – everything you need to promote your event effectively is already one click away.


You will only be charged when a ticket is bought through Billetto Advertising channels.

You're in control

Enjoy complete control over your advertising with Billetto Advertising. Whether you want to enable or disable it or adjust the ticket allocation limit, you have the freedom to tailor your strategy.


Reach more ticket buyers with Billetto Advertising. Our platform caters to your existing supporters while introducing your event to new audiences, maximising your reach and ticket sales.

Billetto Advertising solution for your events

Harness the power of our native advertising solution to give your ticket sales a significant boost.

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Last minute boost

Boost your ticket sales and reach wider audiences in the final weeks with Billetto Advertising.

Large events

Experience the power of Billetto Advertising, ensuring your event venue is filled with enthusiastic fans.

Niche events

Unlock the potential of Billetto Advertising to target audiences who have previously attended similar events, ensuring your event receives the attention it deserves.

Become Billetto Organiser

Over 3.8M users have chosen Billetto as their primary ticketing platform. Why wait? Speak to our ticket sales experts today!

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