We are down-to-earth, human, and honest.

Join us on a mission to encourage people to go out more.


'I am the newest addition to Billetto, but I noticed right away how easy it is to communicate with the whole team and feel included, even working remotely. Could not have asked for a better environment!''

Customer Relations Manager

The Benefits

Work-life balance

We stay true to ourselves and our mission by encouraging our employees to explore the variety of experiences on our platform.

Develop mastery

We strive for personal growth. Find what drives you - we support it.

Inclusive company culture

Here at Billetto, we create an environment that values, appreciates, and welcomes all backgrounds and diverse characters.

Headquarter hygge

We truly work hard and play hard! Annual hackathon trips, Christmas dinner adventures, and pop-up Friday bars in and out of the office.

Health care

Billetto supports its team members in good health, and in bad.

Work from home

Most roles at Billetto allow for remote work (wherever remote is). Morning bird or night owl - you know when you are most productive.


35 annual vacation days to re-charge your batteries.

International team

Even 80% of our team members come from countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Italy, and Romania.

Psst... There's more...

Billetto employee benefits

"Flexible schedule, possibility to work while I travel, and bright, innovative and hilarious colleagues. That's just the tip of my work excitement iceberg.''

Product Manager

Consistent, no matter where you are


We don't believe in micro-management. Stay at home or come to the office - you know how you work best.

Office space

Work along with the team in the central Copenhagen office. Choose a spot or work in a quiet room. Join us for lunch, a Friday wine bar or a VR game session.


Our mission is to encourage people to go out more but we also try to stay on top of technology innovations. Weekly teams meetings are held via VR makes it that much easier to re-connect with remote team members.

Relocate to Denmark

Our team members come from all over the world. Why not join them in the happiest country in the world?


'Billetto's company culture is the most employee-oriented I have ever experienced, where everyone has a voice and great ideas come from everyone.''

Native Mobile Developer

Open positions

Billetto is always on the lookout for new talents to jump on board our spaceship. Whether you are tech-savvy or creative at heart - we will find a spot for you.

Contact us

Unsolicited application

Want to join the Billetto spaceship and help us grow? Then we want to hear from you!

Need more convincing?

Find out about all the benefits that keeping our team members loyal and eager to get to work every day.

Billetto benefits
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