Online event registration.

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A simple way to boost your event success.


Share your event via social media and email. Enable ticket sales on your website and Facebook event.


You decide who pays: You or your guests. Free events are just that - free! We charge no fee on those.


After your event ends, we’ll process the revenue in 3-5 business days and send it to your bank account.

Event registration and booking

If you’re looking for a site to handle your event registrations and keep track of the guest list, you’ve come to the right place. Billetto lets you create and manage any event in minutes. We provide a complete suite of tools designed to make online event registration and booking as easy as possible.

Want to avoid an overbooked venue? Decide exactly how many event tickets to make available and what type of tickets to offer. Get people to register in advance, download tickets to present at the event, or book tickets that they can physically pick up at your box office. Want to hand out the tickets yourself? You can have ready-to-print PDF tickets sent directly to your email. The choice is yours.

We also help you keep track of your event registrations and bookings. See how many people have registered or purchased a specific type of ticket. You can even get a free mobile app that lets you scan your guests’ tickets at the door.

The best part? Our online event registration system is completely free for you to use. We’ll charge your guests a small booking fee when they purchase a ticket. But - of course - if your tickets are free, we won’t charge your guests anything at all. That’d be rude, wouldn’t it?

We give you the tools to...

Set up an event page using a simple point-and-click process. If you know how to make an event on Facebook, you can make one on Billetto. Promise.

Promote your event on social media with just a few clicks. Easily add the event to your own site with a customisable ticket widget.

Control every aspect of your event setup, from booking questions to guest lists and seating charts.

Sell tickets, accept donations, offer vouchers and merchandise. Your buyers can quickly pay with a credit card of their choice.

Get deep, actionable insights. See how your ticket sales are doing. Learn which campaigns and channels drive the most revenue.

Don't keep your guests waiting. Get them in quickly with our dedicated ticket scanning app. Need a physical guest list? Download one with a click.

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How it works

Your event with Billetto in three steps:

1. Start selling

Create your event using our simple form & add tickets for your event. Customise the settings to work with your type of event.

2. Spread the word

Promote your event page to sell tickets online & register guests. Follow the Billetto guide to effectively market your event.

3. Get paid

Receive ticket revenue in your bank account. Just add your bank account details and we'll take care of the rest.


Transparent pricing built for events of all sizes

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