Billetto seating solution

Design beautiful seating charts and spectacular venues with Billetto seating integration.

Uplift your event sales by up to 10%. The event page and purchase flow are designed with user experience in mind, making it easy for ticket buyers to find events and purchase tickets in minutes.
Use available self-promotion tools or allow our engines to push it to thousands of ticket buyers across multiple channels through our inbuilt advertising solution.
Free up your time with a quick creation process, scheduled reports, automatic waiting lists, and more. We created a trustworthy platform so you can do more of what you know best.

Beautiful designs

The most powerful floor plan designer for ticketing - in your browser. Draw large venues in little time. Adjust them on the fly.

Every detail counts

Our integration for venue design is filled with precision tools to make sure that all the details are portrayed accurately.

Why use seating chart designer?

No size is too big

Create 200 seat theaters to 100K seat stadiums. Use sections to draw a huge stadium, general admission areas for concerts, tables for a gala, or trade booths for all sorts of events.

Multiple floors

Draw seating charts for multi-story venues, with an onion skin view of each floor below the one being currently drawn.

Reference chart

The reference chart tool helps you find the right scale and row spacing to match your existing floor plan. Save time and minimize errors by drawing on top of an existing floor plan.

Plenty of utilities

The designer has a complete tool belt that make it easier to draw a chart. Align or evenly space objects. Snap to grid and geometry. Undo, redo, rotate or mirror.

Seating solution for your events

Unlock the potential of your event space by utilising our integrated seating chart feature, empowering you to design striking venues with ease.

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Numerous theater organizers opt to offer their customers the flexibility to select their preferred seat in the hall.


Many sports organisers provide stadium charts to allow fans to select their preferred seats.


Make every concertgoer's wish come true by offering them the opportunity to secure the best seat through a seating plan.

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