COVID-19 resource hub for the entertainment industry

Managing and creating through crisis

We know just how frustrating the COVID-19 outbreak is for the live entertainment industry. That's why we're constantly working on ways to help you engage with your community in the current environment. This page contains a number of ideas and solutions. We're also working hard to develop additional features to help you adapt to the new reality. If you have any suggestions, wishes, or need for personal support, you can always get in touch.

Actionable steps you can take today

Create a Donation page

Many organisers have set up donation pages for their events or businesses. Donations can also supplement free online events. Simply add a link to the donation page in your profile or live video description. Find out more

Create a Takeaway menu

Many restaurants and cafes have started to provide takeaway and food delivery options to their regulars. You can set up a page to process online orders in minutes. Find out more

Create an Online Event page

If you're hosting an online event, you can supplement it with a payment page in minutes. This lets you collect extra participant info, process payments, and set up automatic notification emails with a link to the live stream - all in the same place. Find out more

Billetto event & page templates

We've collected inspiration from some of our best organisers and created a few templates for you. We're working on a feature that allows you to copy every template. For now, you can find a guide to recreating each one of them in the event description.

Online pay-as-you-go yoga class

Set up a complemetary donation/payment page for your online yoga class. Collect donations or payment before/during/ after class. Test this template

Pop-Up Shop

Set up a pop-up shop/takeaway service page. Get ready to get your orders out in about 5 minutes! Test this template

Zoom Webinar

Set up a Zoom webinar payment page. Get ready to get your first sign ups in 5 minutes! Test this template


We've put together a few practical tutorials for setting up online events live streams, and working with Billetto pages.

How to host a virtual event in Google Hangouts

How to sell tickets on Facebook

How to sell tickets to your Zoom meeting

How to use / schedule Facebook Live

How to sell tickets to Facebook Live stream

How to do an Instagram Live

How to stream your event/class on Facebook Live.

A complete beginner's guide to streaming your event or class on Facebook Live. Read it now

What's the best live streaming app for my event?

A comparison page to help you choose your live streaming app. Read it now