Why online events?

In a time when everyone is spending more time indoors, it's improtant to keep connected to your fans and clients. Online events let you stay visible and create brand material that can be used for future courses and marketing.

  • Stay connected to your loyal audience
  • Reach new audiences beyond your location
  • Get an additional source of income
  • Grow a library of marketing material for future use
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Ideal for

Fitness & mindfulness classes

Webinars & coaching sessions

Theatre, comedy & performances

Quizzes, virtual tours & more


Why Billetto

Billetto makes it easy to manage your online event participants, so you have time to focus on the content. As one of the largest self-service ticketing platforms in Scandinavia, Billetto offers reach that few others can match.

  • Keep the list of your participants in one place
  • Collect extra info from participants while they place an order
  • Send a link to your webinar / live stream / video automatically after the purchase
  • Multiple country-specific payment methods
  • Automatic payment confirmation for event participants
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How to get started

Setting up your first Billetto event is easy. You can do it even before your live stream or videos are ready.

  1. Start creating a new event
  2. Choose if it's a once-off or recurring event
  3. Use "Online" in the Address field instead of a physical location
  4. Add date, time, and other event information
  5. Add tickets (you can also add donations, merch, or vouchers)
  6. Publish your event & start promoting
See the full guide to setting up an online event

Ready to get started?

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