We inspire people to go out more

Billetto is the leading subculture event marketplace in the Nordics. We connect ticket buyers to indie events and push for cultural diversity by promoting subcultures that make us human.

Ticket buyer community

The Billetto community has grown to 3+ million members over the last 12 years. Join us to get updates on what's going on in your city or find events to attend when you travel.

Event organiser?

Billetto is more than just a ticket sales tool. Yes, we do provide you with a fully-kitted platform for ticket sales and effortless event advertisement. But we'd also like you to join us on a mission to foster this vibrant subculture community and encourage people to experience something new every time they feel like going out (or staying in).

We invest in subculture like no others do

We've gathered our extensive advertising and marketing knowledge and packed it inside our Billetto Advertising feature. You simply click a button, and we create all of the possible ads and recommendations your event needs automatically.

Buy a ticket. Open your mind.

Yes, we're proud to say that we have one of the easiest and fuzz-free ticket buying experiences in the industry. Every possible local payment method? Check. No long personal information forms? Check. Paperless tickets? Check. All of this is on top of the best selection of odd and delightful events. All of this is on top of the best selection of odd and delightful events.


It's like Netflix for events, really.


Local payment methods & paperless tickets.

Stay in the loop

Stay on top of the coolest events and new experiences in your city.

View, Save & Share

Follow your favorite organisers, save events you wish to attend, and share them with your friends to start sharing experiences.

More than just a ticketing platform

The Billetto API connects you to world-class partners and advanced tech to get the most out of your event management.

Solutions rooted in code and design

Billetto is a ticketing platform with marketing applications that put revenue data at the heart of your events business.

Ticket buyer community

Ticket buyers discover events, instantly buy tickets, and check in to attend using their mobile wallet.

Seller ticketing solution

Sitting atop of our payment platforms are applications to manage revenue, prevent fraud, and expand internationally.

Payments platforms

At our core is a powerful payments engine that makes it easy to receive payments within the EU.


Our cloud-based infrastructure provides reliability, scalability, and security.

Self-service ticketing platform for promoters

Billetto platform enables event organisers to sell, promote, advertise and manage event tickets and memberships.

Ticketing platform reimagined for subculture promoters


One platform that lets event organisers sell tickets to customers on the web, mobile, box office, remote venue, or offline.


One platform to find and promote your event to the right buyers, wherever they are.


We know social media and how to navigate it. Our risk-free advertising enables organisers to accelerate ticket sales and reach wider audiences.


Full suite of customer, event, and financial management tools for event organisers to successfully run their business.

We are not robots after all

If you're like it too - we want to hear from you. Join Billetto spaceship!
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